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Essentially Emm Mission

The mission of Essentially Emm is to encourage and support ambitious women like you who are ready to pursue your passion and use your gifts and story to change lives.

In the world of Essentially Emm, we dig deep, and do the real inner work, so we can RISE UP to our fullest potential, and create our dream life and business!

I love helping women live abundant, fulfilling lives and watching them come alive the way I have over the past few years!

Are you done dimming your light? If you're ready for massive change, breakthroughs, and to answer the call of your SOUL- you are in the right place. 

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Are We Friends Yet? Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

My name is Emily, but my friends call me Emmy or Em! I am a spiritual business coach, podcast host, author and speaker. Through my own journey to self love and empowerment, I've become inspired to help women like you put yourself + your dreams first and achieve more than you ever thought possible!

In this life, I've overcome being born into physical challenges including Beals Syndrome (underdeveloped muscle and bone mass + tight tendons), clubbed feet, and severe scoliosis. I know that if I can go from shy, hiding and "victim" of circumstance... to aligned, free, and unstoppable - then you can too, and I will show you the way! 

I am certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), CORE Success Coaching + TIME techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Manifestation + Law of Attraction.

My Business Story

I Always Knew I Had A Story to Tell and Gifts to Share...

But I was STUCK.

I was in a biz for 4 years that wasn't 100% aligned, making just $1K for the entire YEAR, and...

I was still hiding my story and fullest expression of myself.

I was still ashamed of all my differences, all the challenges I'd been through, and I feared that sharing them would only make people pity me.

But part of me knew that was wrong, and just fear and ego talking.

Part of me knew ALWAYS that I was meant to share my truth, and use my story to help and inspire others. 

Finally, sitting at a woman's retreat in January 2019, I had my "enough is enough" moment.

I made a VERY clear decision right then and there to stop hiding my story, my true passions, and who I really am.

I decided THIS would be the year I finally own my story and gifts, and use them as I've always felt called to do.

I learned how to make my differences and challenges (being born into a rare connective tissue disorder, scoliosis, and clubbed feet) my biggest GIFT.

This one decision changed my entire life and lead to SO MUCH fast, epic growth both personally and in my business.

It lead to mind blowing results like:

● Motivational speaking gigs, where I could share my story to inspire and empower others

● Becoming a published author in a women's empowerment book

● A new, thriving coaching business that reached $20K in it's first few months

● Quitting my "9-5" job and living my dreams full time

● Converting high ticket sales with no sales calls

● Starting and growing a podcast that is now reaching thousands 

● Being featured on the Manifestation Babe Podcast

● Creating journals that sold 1000+ copies internationally

● Creating multiple streams of passive income with a solid base of $5000

And more...IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR. #NotSoHumbleBrag

The reason I share is really not to brag. It's because I'm so passionate about showing you that you can do the same!


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