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"Emily has helped me so much in my oils journey! She always makes time to answer questions I have, and if she doesn't know the answer, she finds it out! Em is so passionate about what she does and it shows in the care she gives to her dōTerra family!"-- Bethany O, Mississauga, ON

"Really like the oil kit I picked up. Been using on guard and breathe a lot. Today I have been using lemon oil in my water and it tastes great. Looking forward to getting the slim and sassy blend today in the mail to try and help boost metabolism. Another product that is great are the on guard and peppermint beadlets. I love the taste of the on guard." --Brian J, Warwick, RI

"I love deep blue rub as a woman that suffers with knee and back pain not just from sports or working out but from the weather! Achy joints and tired back muscles this stuff is magic, I rub it on and instantly feel relief! I take it everywhere. I also went to Emily and told her my acne problems and the regular doctor just prescribed me meds, but Emily came up with a solution! Of course tea tree was our original focus which did work! But then Emily introduced me to grapefruit! This stuff is incredible, it cleared up my face almost instantly and helped with all the scarring and damage! Thanks Em!" --Robin D, Milton, ON

Hi Em! I was very skeptical of oils as a way to help with my husband's snoring! You have made a believer out of me. A few drops in my diffuser and spray on his pillow and some rolled on his feet have taken the noise level to almost none! This is the first time in many years I can get a full nite's sleep! Thank you so much Emily for the magic oil! I'll be asking for gallon refills soon! --Donna G, Tyendinaga, ON

I haven’t been using my DoTerra essential oils for a very long time, but for the time I have been using them I love them. My oils have become a part of my everyday life and everyday function. As someone who suffers from Chronic pain my Deep Blue essential oil mixed with coconut oil helps me so much. I use a little bit of it on my lower back where my spinal injury was and it helps take away the pain within ten minutes. Thus far my favorite oils would have to be Peppermint and Wild Orange. I use lavender for my sleep and lemon for alertness, but my Peppermint and Wild Orange are two items I never go anywhere without anymore. I tend to suffer from migraines and that’s where the peppermint usually comes in. I rub a couple drops on the back of my neck, and my temples and within five to ten minutes the migraine begins to dissipate and is usually gone within fifteen to twenty minutes. Wild Orange I find is great for my anxiety, anxiety being a constant battle for me, I put a little bit of Wild Orange on my wrists and hands and when I feel an onset of anxiety or panic I smell my hands and it sends a sense of calm down my entire body. Sometimes if I am having a very bad anxiety/depression day where it will cause a headache or migraine I will mix peppermint and wild orange together and it battles it off. I love my oils so much and couldn’t imagine my everyday life and function without them now! --Samantha M, Kingston, ON

"I am forever new to learning about doTERRA and becoming familiar with the oils and products but Emily makes learning fun and easy! I am always learning new tips and tricks to keep myself healthy, focused and on track! Not only does she come up with creative and easy ways to incorporate your oils everyday but she is always sharing her knowledge of how to live a healthy and balanced life as a whole.. and then slowly introducing oils and products to your daily cooking, cleaning and beauty routine so you don't feel overwhelmed. If you ever have any questions she is always quick to reply and happy to provide you with help! Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge essentially em! -- Jennifer P, Tyendinaga, ON